Welcome to one of the most popular farming projects. As a true farmer, you will become an owner of the piece of land in the village. Now your goal is to turn it into a thriving household. Are you sure you know what to do? Do not worry if you know nothings about plants and animals. You can learn a lot by following the game’s instructions. So, start cultivating your modest plot and gradually grow it. There are a lot of possibilities and challenges to go through. However, you will get a lot of wonderful feedback for your effort! Are you ready to transform into a successful farmer? You will love this role!

What can you do in this game?

There are plenty of things to do here! The first stage is your plot. Plant grains, fruits, vegetables and grow the largest harvests. Now you can process your goods into different things to have food for yourself and others. You can sell whatever is left and get some profit. The next stage is animals. You can have hens, cows and sheep here. You will get eggs, meat and other products that you can use yourself and sell. Now, it is time to upgrade your home and add various decorations. You will construct a bigger farm on the seashore and collect a lot of resources scattered around. Go fishing and sell whatever you managed to catch. There are a lot of exciting activities you can enjoy here. The best thing about Farmville 2 is that you are not alone here. You will find a lot of neighbors around. Feel free to make new acquaintances, trade and exchange experience in this cool farming adventure.

Farmville 2

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