Today, you can find a variety of games that are designed to match the interests of little girls. These include dress up games, projects about cooking and animal care and many others. This time, little players are also offered something exciting – it is City Girl Life. And the title already gives you a hint on what awaits you here! Delve into this cool project right now!

Help your heroine!

As you have already guessed, your protagonist is a young girl that lives in a city. The life is really active here. Your heroine actively participates in lots of different events and happenings. And you need to help her look appropriate in each surrounding. Try to select a relevant outfit for a presentation and a party. You can understand that you need totally different approaches in both cases. Do not be afraid to experiment. Luckily, the menu is rich enough for you to try different combinations. Gils will be busy for hours with this engaging activity!

Enjoy city life!

This online game focuses on makeup. Your girl needs a perfect makeup which includes applying blush, eyeliner and different colors of lipstick. You can even change the eye color! Besides, you will have a wide selection of earrings and other accessories. Are you able to make a perfect eye makeup with different eye shadows? There are endless options here, and you are free to try them all. Make your heroine ready for different situations in her city life. This online game will be adored by all girls with no exception. So make sure you try it and enjoy it to the fullest.

City Girl Life

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