Pomni, in the pilot of Pomni x Jax, is depicted as a nervous and frightened character, mainly due to her entanglement in an unpleasant situation involving a stuck headset. This predicament leads to her prolonged stay in the Amazing Digital Circus. Throughout the series, she remains in a state of stress and terror, which somewhat shrouds her character’s deeper aspects. Pomni is characterized by her rapid speech, frequent stammering, and a tendency to stand with hunched shoulders and hands clenched close to her body. Despite these challenges, there are moments where Pomni displays courage and determination, as seen when she attempts to aid the defeated character Kaufmo-Ragate, and exhibits curiosity in her relentless search for an exit from the Amazing Digital Circus.

Jax: The Rebellious and Indifferent Antagonist

Jax stands in stark contrast to Pomni, with a personality that’s brash, laid-back, and impulsive, yet also selfish, evasive, and insolent. His indifference to being confined in the digital circus is mirrored in his interactions with others, often showing a lack of empathy. This dismissive attitude is especially evident when he casually watches the struggles of others, finding amusement in their misfortunes rather than offering assistance. Jax’s character is further exemplified by his actions, such as deliberately stepping on Gangle’s broken comedy mask or throwing a bowling ball at Coroller and Gangle, revealing his tendency to cause mischief for his amusement.

Pomni X Jax

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