Welcome to an addictive 2D shooter where you will forget about everything. You will transform into a fighter pilot with controls of a small jet. The player has only one objective – to destroy all enemies around and survive. Fly all over the map killing everyone who dares to go to your crosshairs. How can you do it? You will be able to use over ten different weapons – you will pick these up across the map! The entertainment is multiplayer, so you will interact with players from all over the world. Some of them are really strong opponents, and the gameplay will turn into a challenge! All confrontations are in real time and very intense. If you are slow, the game will be over for you just in a few seconds after the start.

How to play?

In you are controlling a jet as a fighter pilot. The controls are very simple, and you need just the mouse cursor to move your plane. Initially, your fighter is equipped with a simple gun. But weapon power-ups float on parachutes throughout the battlefield: shotgun, rockets and laser. The strength of the weapon is increased in this order. The stronger the ammunition, the more difficult it is to get. You can also strengthen your jet. For killed enemies, you earn points that can be used to improve your plane. You can improve two parameters, the strength of the weapon and the strength of the cabin. Or you can spend your money on buying a more powerful air vehicle. Best of luck in this challenge!

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