Poly Bridge 2 is a physics-based puzzle game in which players must design and build bridges to help vehicles cross difficult terrain safely. The game features a wide variety of challenges, ranging from rivers and canyons to cityscapes and mountain ranges.

Sandbox for gamers of different levels

One of the main features of Poly Bridge 2 is its robust sandbox mode. In sandbox mode, players can experiment with different bridge designs and building materials, testing the limits of their creativity and engineering skills. For gamers who love to tinker and explore, sandbox mode is a great way to spend hours building and upgrading bridges.

In addition to the sandbox mode, Poly Bridge 2 has a campaign mode with over 40 unique levels. As you progress through the levels, players will encounter new challenges and obstacles to overcome as they test their understanding of physics and engineering. With each success, players will earn new materials and components to use in their bridge designs, allowing them to take on even more challenges.

The advantages of Poly Bridge 2 include the ability of the game to inspire creativity. With a wide choice of materials and components, players have almost limitless options for constructing their bridges. For gamers who love to build, tinker and experiment, this game has endless hours of entertainment to offer.

Poly Bridge 2

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