Tattletail, a survival horror game crafted by Waygetter Electronics, first graced the digital shelves of Steam on December 28, 2016. Set in the backdrop of the Christmas season, the game unravels a story that begins five days before Christmas. The plot thickens as the protagonist, a child, prematurely opens a festive gift, only to unleash unforeseen consequences. The gift, a toy named Baby Talking Tattletail, becomes the center of a series of eerie events, plunging the player into a world of suspense and terror.

The Nights of Terrors and Mystery

The game’s narrative unfolds over several nights, each adding layers to the chilling tale. The first night starts with the child discovering Tattletail in the basement, leading to a tutorial session and eventually tucking the toy back into its box. The second night, however, brings a twist. The child wakes up to strange noises, finding Tattletail spinning in the washing machine. This is when things take a darker turn. After a series of tasks, including breaking a vase, the lights go out, and the child encounters ‘Mama’ for the first time in the dark, setting off a chain of spooky events.

The third night reveals more about Mama through a tape played by the player. After locating Tattletail in the living room amid chaos, the child attempts to clean up, only to face another blackout and a hide-and-seek game with Mama. Each night builds the tension, with the fourth night pushing the child outdoors and introducing new Tattletails. The child engages in games of hide and seek while managing to avoid Mama and take care of their Tattletail.

The narrative reaches its climax on Christmas Eve when Tattletail wakes the child for a “party for Mama.” In the basement, a ritual to banish Mama begins, but not without challenges. The child frantically collects and lights candles, while avoiding Mama, to complete the ritual. Each step of the journey through Tattletail is a blend of suspense, strategy, and a test of courage, as the player navigates through the mysterious and haunting world of Tattletail.


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