Move People stands out as a unique casual game developed by Supersonic Studios, where players are immersed in a world of interactive puppetry. With its minimalist 3D graphics, the game offers a fresh perspective on casual gaming. Players are given the task of manipulating the bodies of character puppets, aiming to position them correctly to accomplish various engaging and often humorous tasks.

Challenges and Laughter Combined

Each level in Move People introduces a new scenario with one or more puppets and a specific mission. The challenges vary greatly, ranging from making scary faces to encouraging a couple to embrace, or even lifting weights. These missions, though seemingly simple, are cleverly designed to provide both a challenge and a source of entertainment. The fun of the game lies not only in achieving the objectives but also in the amusing process of manipulating the characters into the desired positions.

Intuitive Mechanics with a Twist of Humor

The game mechanics of Move People are intuitively designed, where players manipulate the puppet bodies by ‘pulling’ on circles. This simple interaction belies the complexity of achieving the correct posture for each mission. The challenge of accurately positioning the puppets adds to the game’s appeal, offering a blend of skill and hilarity. Players find themselves engaged in a trial-and-error process that is as rewarding as it is entertaining.

Its unique approach to casual gaming, combining intuitive mechanics with playful scenarios, makes it a standout title. Whether it’s the quirky character movements, the creative challenges, or the sheer joy of seeing the puppets come to life in amusing ways, Move People ensures a delightful gaming experience for everyone.

Move People

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